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Be a part of the most valuable network of mompreneurs in the world!

Connect. Collaborate. & Cash In!

The place where women collaborate, connect and empower one another to reach the highest level of success, achieve their goals, and ultimately impact their communities and change the world!

Why you should join today:

"The present AND the future is female!"

The Jist

We have put together everything a mompreneur needs in her business and personal life in to one pretty pink sparkly package.

The Goods

Weekly masterclasses, masterminds, key note speakers, mentorship circles, accountability partners, live Q&A, with world renowned mompreneurs, extravagant travel and personal development retreats, opportunities to get your products and services in front of thousands of women, make valuable connections and collaborations.

The Value

All for just $1000.00 a year or $100 a month. No need to get coaching services, pay for summits and conferences, attend expensive personal development events, we have everything you need right here in one place and we're all here to help each other and see each other win!

What we do for you

The Million Dollar Mom Club focuses on Three Community Pillars

The Magic

Join our community for our twice monthly live networking. Once a month with your chapter and once a month with women across all networks and chapters.


Weekly masterclasses from women who are experts in their field from all topics related to business, health, and relationships.

Million Dollar Rolodex

Gain access to a wealth of women you can receive guidance from, sell your products and services to, and with whom you will have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with!

Your Questions Answered

What If i'm not a mom?

That's ok! You just have to be a female! While most of our members are moms in business many of our members are rainbow moms, dog and cat moms etc. 

How will I be able to collaborate with other women?

We have a very special way of accelerating connections and collaborations. Our signature style has resulted in many multi-million dollar deals and collaborations. In our monthly networking events we take our classic clubhouse "Women supporting Women-Connect and Collab" live over video. You will have the opportunity to introduce yourself and what you do in our special way which ensures you're getting exactly the kind of connection and collaboration you're looking for.

What kind of masterclasses will take place?

We've got world renowned women who excel in their fields teaching on topics such as: How to start and scale your business, how to build community fast, how to build business credit, how and where to market your business, how to scale properly, how to make your first million, how to pitch, and so much more!

Will I be able to cancel my membership?

Yes! You will be able to cancel at any time however the presale price will never again be offered. This is a special one time only pricing!

What kind of opportunities will I have as a member?

As a chapter member you will be able to network with women around the globe through our signature "Women Supporting Women, Connect and Collab" networking events. There you will be able to collaborate with other women and sell more of your products and services. You can also apply to host your own masterclasses!

How can I become a Chapter President?

Right now we're only taking 25 women and we only have a few spots left! We are currently running a waiting list which you can apply to be on. Just visit our instagram link tree and fill out your application!

Meet The Founders

Gina, Crystal and Nicole formed a community of women and mompreneurs on Clubhouse and quickly grew to over 26,000 members. Their focus on women supporting women and crushing the culture of competition became a movement known as "The Mom Link Magic." Their signature way of sparking connection and collaboration among women has been wildly successful. Today they have Chapter Presidents around the globe who foster the same spirit of collaboration. Our community is the village every mom needs to reach new levels of success in their relationships, business and life overall!

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Our mission is to create the most valuable social media network of mompreneurs in the world!


To crush the culture of competition amongst women. To support and empower women. Create worldwide impact on womens lives. Foster collaboration and connection amongst women and change the world!


To have a Mom Link Million Dollar Mom Club Chapter President in every major city around the globe.

This isn't just another membership. When you join our community you get the key to unlocking your best life and business. We are nothing without community and this is the community and sisterhood you've been searching for!

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