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The Mom Link is a powerful community of like-minded, female entrepreneurs. They established the company earlier this year and have already amassed 20,000 people into it. We've built the community of the fundamentals of giving back, providing support and then monetizing through resources, incredible events, sponsorships and a shop.

Having a community around your brand, your mission, your niche is so powerful for all entrepreneurs for a variety of different reasons. People are craving community now more than ever. Years ago joining a community meant finding something generic locally, now with the internet, you can find just about any niche community and they’re global.

Meet the Founders!

Crystal Almeida

Co-Founder of The Mom Link, Human Rights & World Activist, Qualitative Researcher, HIV & AIDS Fundraiser, Global Citizen, Mom of Two.

Crystal has worked in the non-profit sector for most of her life and was very active on her university campus raising hundreds of thousands of dollars and planning numerous successful events, galas, and fundraisers for various charities and initiatives.

Gina Skelton

Co-Founder of The Mom Link, Known As The Clubhouse "Momerator," Former CEO of the Milagro Foundation, Mom of Two.

Gina was the former CEO of the Milagro Foundation in Florida where she raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for at risk and underprivileged youth. Gina is an effortless communicator and in a short time has used her networking, and relationship building hacks to elevate her network and networth.

Nicole Puckerin

Co-Founder of The Mom Link, Former Special Assistant to MPP Rick Nicholls, Former Student Senator at the University of Windsor Student Government, Political & Social Activist, Financial Guide, Real Estate Investor, & Mom of Two.

Motivated by doing what's right and fighting against what is wrong she has spent most of her life in politics, helping constituents of Chatham-Kent-Essex navigate the 682 provincial ministries, commissions and boards.

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